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Wendy Katzen Party Perfect

Luxury Event Planners

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About Wendy Katzen

Wendy Katzen, formerly a New York actress, is able to bring her extensive theatrical experience to your event.  Along with performing on stage, Wendy has appeared in numerous worldwide publications.​

As your Creative Consultant, Wendy can draw upon her vast knowledge of lighting, set design, music, directing, and so much more that she has mastered while attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

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All The World’s A Stage

Have you ever noticed how much a party is like a play? Both are most triumphant when orchestrated properly. Organization, Preparation, Experience, and Imagination are key ingredients for success. As your Creative Consultant, we will produce an event worthy of a standing ovation!

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Weather its an engagement event, a wedding day, or an anniversary, We organize life’s milestone moments, capturing memories that last a lifetime. It could be a luxurious ceremony by the light of a thousand candles. A hundred guests strolling through a Florentine hall. Fireworks all around in the sky. Dedicated to global events on an epic scale, we are firm believers that there are no limits to where imagination can take you. Immersive, imaginative and set in truly inspiring locations, each wedding celebration and private party is tailor-made by our luxury party planners – an international team of special day specialists with an eye for the extraordinary.

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