About us



Wendy Katzen, formerly a New York actress, is able to bring her extensive theatrical experience to your event.  Along with performing on stage, Wendy has appeared in numerous worldwide publications.


As your Creative Consultant, Wendy can draw upon her vast knowledge of lighting, set design, music, directing, and so much more that she has mastered while attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


As an actress, her ability to create a character enables her to understand the complexities of her clients. There are so many parallels between an event and a theatrical production — set design/décor, timing, scripting, etc. As the founder and creator of Wendy Katzen “Party Perfect” in 1990, the transition from “Performer” to “Planner” was smooth and logical. 


Simple yet Elegant, Contemporary yet Romantic, Bold yet Beautiful, Over-The-Top or Intimate — Whoever you are, Whatever your dream — We can create it!

Corporate Events 

From Ambassadors to Young Adults, from CEO’s to Celebrities, we can make your Gala, Luncheon, Dinner etc. an Experience of Elegance.

Life Cycle Events

Birth, Anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Bridal Shower, etc. It is a joy and thrill for us to share these momentous occasions with you. We can capture the emotion and frivolity of the day.

Event Planning

 Her enthusiasm, creativity, talent, demand for perfection and experience gives her a fresh perspective to the event world.

Wendy Past Clients Previews